Monday, February 28, 2011
On Jan 22 at the National Library, ShowNearby CEO Douglas Gan was invited to speak about entrepreneurship and his experiences in business.

The event “Our Young CEOs: Dare to Dream and Dream Big” held at The Plaza, at the National Library Building, was organised by the National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Society Global Project Team, BizAsia and International Student Alliance for Global Entrepreneurship (ISAGE).

The event was attended by people of different cultures and nationalities, united by their interest in entrepreneurship.

Douglas was among 4 speakers who shared their work, experience and insights as young entrepreneurs.

There is an interesting blog post about the event by Min Hau Ong, who was in attendance. You may read it here.

Post-event thoughts
Douglas also shares his thoughts about the event. The 11-year internet entrepreneur veteran thinks events, talks and seminars of this nature are necessary for the flow of ideas and stories.

“You’ll never know if someone becomes inspired or develops an idea. At the same time, there are individuals who come with billion-dollar ideas, but don’t know how to get started, for instance. When they listen to the stories and experiences of how entrepreneurs struggle or how find opportunities, it will give them the perspective they need, or maybe the push they deserve, to tell themselves that ‘Hey, this is what I can do. I’m up for it!’”

“I applaud the effort schools are taking to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship,” says Douglas.

If you are interested in inviting Douglas to attend or speak at your events, please feel free to contact us at ask [at] shownearby [dot] com.

About the event
On this day, we will be focusing on young entrepreneurs who have stepped out and ventured their own businesses, many started while they were still students. Apart from a sharing session, there will be a short presentation by SPRING on the various types of funding schemes available for aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Amongst the audience will be participants from China, Taiwan and Chile. Come mingle, interact and listen to the experiences of our Young CEOs.

More information on iConnect here, and on NEC here.

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