Friday, February 25, 2011
In the past couple of weeks, SingTel has been running newspaper ads, promoting the sale of their Android phones. Nice looking phones, by the way.

Below is one Singtel ad, featured in the Straits Times.

ShowNearby is proud to have been featured as one of the top highlights by the service provider. We are also featured on their website, as seen below.

Of course, ShowNearby is more than just a "Shopper App"!

We help with navigation. We also provide information for various points of interest. Don't forget the ERP rates, k?

Well, you get the picture. If you haven't, go download the app and explore it. We're sure Singapore's leading location-based service provider is of some use to different people.

The app is regularly updated to accommodate the suggestions and ideas from our users, regardless of race, religion, shopping habits, commuting means, personality, lifetsyle and so on.

Do give us a shout when you see our bus ads, plus other advertisements that feature the good brand that is ShowNearby, ya? =) In fact, people who have seen our ad on the bus (on SBS bus numbers 14, 21, 51, 74, 76) have even called these buses "the ShowNearby bus"! Very flattering indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Good job guys!

hey you look familiar said...

Nice! It's gonna be legend-wait for it-dary!!!!!! :)

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