Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Did you know you can create your own category with ShowNearby?

For users not entirely familiar with the application, you have the option to create a category based on your search preferences.

On the home screen of the application, you already have over 35 categories for your information-seeking pleasure. These serve as a guide for most users, but you are free to sort, add or remove any of them from the home screen.

For ShowNearby users who already know what they want, they have the option to create their own custom categories to personalise their ShowNearby app.

Searches on ShowNearby can be done in the following manner:
1) Search for buildings or place names (e.g. Suntec City Mall)

2) Search for keywords or categories associated with specific places or shops (e.g. "Chinese Cuisine", "Catholic Church", "Postal Service", "Pharmacy" etc.)

3) Search for address (e.g. Lorong 2 Toa Payoh)

Creating your custom category
For example, if you are looking a pharmacy near you, you can always search it by keying in "pharmacy" in your ShowNearby app.

Use "Map View" function at the bottom of the screen to view nearby points of interest on the map!

The search results page will then show you the relevant places that are associated with pharmaceutical services or the like. If you like the list you see, you have the option to add this search as a category!

Voila! You have your own category!

You may also decide to remove the category.

Well, we hope this helps you appreciate your ShowNearby app a little more. Stay tuned for more posts on how to use (and have fun with) your ShowNearby app!

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