Monday, March 14, 2011
We hope you appreciated the findings we made pertaining to Singaporean mobile search habits in previous entries, here and here.

This time we have more information for your pleasure. We learn something new everyday about how Singaporeans use their utility apps on their smart phones (with ShowNearby as your utility app, of course hehe).

A breakdown of what Singaporeans look for
Previously, we shared what were the top three popular groups of items Singaporeans search for. These were transport, food, and ATM and payment service related groups.

After closer scrutiny and lots of coffee, we identified more genres Singaporeans love to search for when on the go, and compiled the above pie chart! Don't you love pie? (The pie chart above was compiled from the last 2 months of searches, by the way)

Well, the chart is self-explanatory. We travel, we use public amenities, we eat and drink, we make transaction, we shop, etc. These are items which figure prominently in our daily lives as consumers, and are reflected in how we use location-based services.

Good times for location-based services
The chart below shows the popularity of mobile location-based services (LBS) at basically every waking hour of the day, giving us a slice of Singaporean life when it comes to using LBS.

Usage of LBS begins in the morning when Singaporeans are searching for bus information, or navigating their way to a meeting at a less frequented location.

When they have settled into their routine, LBS takes a backseat, which is explained by the slight dip in the 9am-12pm time period.

Come lunch hour, LBS finds its way back into the our lives, as people search for restaurants, cafes, diners, as well as the directions to these specific places.

Towards the evening, the usage of LBS increases as food, entertainment and travel become top of the agenda. It is at this point when Singaporeans become more adventurous. They do more keyword searches and browse relevant genres of possible activities that would later fill their evenings - to eat, play, shop and so on.

Being strategic
The above chart (time of usage) is useful for ShowNearby's partners, and they would be glad to know they can advertise not only at strategic locations, but at strategic time periods. Minimal wastage and getting bang for your buck!

Businesses should also consider, in view of the popularity of certain search categories, advertising across genres. It is a bold step which may have implication on branding and corporate image. For instance, a hair salon may choose to advertise at ATM points of interest, given its relative popularity as a search genre.

The traditional approach - if we can call it that - will be to advertise within one's industry, or in this mobile scenario, one's search genre. This maximises the utility of the mobile location-based service as a directional medium.
  • Consumer wants a hair cut >> Consumer searches for "hair salon" and related keywords >> Consumer gets relevant information >> Consumer goes to hair salon.
There are countless possibilities in marketing with location-based service. A business may consider marketing:
  • In related or complementary industries - An automobile servicing company advertising at petrol kiosk points of interest.
  • Complementary tag words - A fast food restaurant requesting the tag of "orange juice" since it serves orange juice as a beverage.
  • At competitor locations or points of interest - XYZ pet shop advertising at ABC pet shop's point of interest.
  • In unrelated locations - A diner based in Tampines advertising in Bedok Central.
  • In unrelated industries - A cybercafe advertising in the restaurant category, with restaurant-related keywords.
Your friend, ShowNearby
An effective mobile marketing strategy requires more than just documents of statistics, facts and figures. It requires an intimate collaboration between client and the service provider.

In ShowNearby's case, we offer consultation to our clients to help them understand the stats and their implications on various aspects of the business. We see our clients as our investors.

The above charts present an overview of Singaporean usage of LBS. These are the details businesses study and rely on to make decisions. ShowNearby also acts in our clients' interests by helping clients to make sense of the information.

Privileged with regular client feedback, we work and improve the mobile platform, an outcome which again benefits our clients.

Please feel free to contact us at ask [at] shownearby [dot] com. We are at your service.

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