Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Here at ShowNearby, we believe in helping promising youths further their dreams. Recently, we met a group of students of River Valley High School, earnestly seeking sponsorship so they can represent Singapore in the global F1 in Schools competition. We invited the team down to our office to get to know them a little better.

Introducing Team Feng!
Team Feng (meaning Wind in Mandarin) comprises of Lam Teng Foong, Li Zhi Kai, Lim Yao Zhong, Jean Yong, Angel Chia and Ng Pei Yin. The team of 17 year-olds emerged as the R-type overall champion at the Singapore F1 in School competition, taking home 4 awards for Best Booth Display, Best in Marketing and Sponsorship, Best Engineered Car and Fastest Car.

Team Feng has impressed at the national level and come September 2011 will now represent Singapore to vie for the coveted Bernie Ecclestone Trophy at the F1in Schools World Championship.

For the competition, teams are required to build a model car which runs on carbon dioxide. They are then judged on the timings for their car to complete a 20m track.

A Call for Help
A trip to the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia however, does not come cheap. Team Feng needs help covering travel expenses. They also need funds for the research and development of their racer.

ShowNearby has offered Team Feng to use our platform to promote their cause. ShowNearby offers $10,000 worth of advertising space for Team Feng’s cause. The ads will be making the call for sponsorship and monetary contributions to the team.

On top of that, ShowNearby will offer 10% discount off its services to any business that sponsors $1000 cash to Team Feng. The discount increases to 20% and 30% respectively for $2000 and $3000 cash sponsorship. Discounts are capped at 30%.

If your business is keen to support Team Feng, or interested in the discounted services of ShowNearby, or both, please let us know! (ask [at] shownearby [dot] com)

Please feel free to visit the Team Feng Facebook page and website. For further enquiries, sponsorship/contributions and more, feel free to contact the team at rvf1teamfeng [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Monetary contributions are welcome and chequed to the following address:
River Valley High School.
6 Boon Lay Avenue. Singapore 649961.
Attention to "F1 in Schools World Finals - Team Feng".

Thanks for your support!

Addendum: The world finals will now be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and no longer in the UK. More updates to come.

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