Monday, April 25, 2011
ShowNearby's Business Development Manager, Amarpal Singh, or better known by his mononym Ace, represented the company at the second annual The Internet Show at Suntec Singapore April 15.

The 3-day exhibition featured seminars and conferences, with speakers from public and private sectors in Singapore and around the world. A variety of topics were touched on, which included social media, digital marketing, mobile internet, cloud computer, privacy and more.

 Above image and top logos are from The Internet Show website

Ace had the privilege to speak on the advent and impact of location-based marketing in one of the seminar theatres, sharing insight into current trends that favour marketing on this emergent platform.

Interest in ShowNearby amongst the professional audience grew following his presentation as Ace was quizzed about when ShowNearby will be available in the respective countries of the audience members. We are indeed honoured by their interest!

Location-based marketing is an exciting topic and a prospect to be welcomed into any marketer's strategy. We have previously covered the topic of location-based marketing and its pull and usage patterns.

As ShowNearby consolidates its position as Singapore's leading location-based service provider, we are keeping at least one eye on opportunities to bring ShowNearby to people from other countries!

Informed by data
From Ace's presentation, location-based marketing presents a lot of opportunities for marketers to maximise the advertising potential of the platform, and also gain access to in-depth data that inform consumer habits and trends. A good example is the spruced up pie chart below on location-based search habits of Singaporeans.

It is information like the above which empowers marketers to make informed and strategic decisions.

At ShowNearby, we adapt technology to meet marketing and research requirements. We seek to develop an intelligence that is beneficial to our business partners and stakeholders.

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