Monday, May 30, 2011
We have received an email from a ShowNearby user who shared with us a review of his. This is a screen capture of a review he has posted on the SBS Transit iris app on Apple iTunes. He hopes that, with his review, others would share the same sentiment.

While ShowNearby does not endorse the views of our users, we feel it is important to listen to each and everyone of them, and if they have requests or share news with us, we'll do our best to accommodate them, hence this post.

SBS Transit's decision to block third party applications from accessing and aggregating bus timings has affected ShowNearby.

We have met with the relevant parties and hope to resolve the issue and reach an outcome that is favourable to all our users.

We have also indicated that we are open to collaborating with SBS Transit, so they can leverage on our platform and have a wider reach to commuters in Singapore, whether on iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

It is after all our primary goal to create and continually improve a location-based utility application, and we have invested a lot of our resources into development and collaborations with different agencies to bring the most relevant information to all users.

Bus Timings on ShowNearby
ShowNearby users will be happy to know they can still view bus timings using the ShowNearby application.

We have recently introduced an interim measure which allows users to view the bus timings at various bus stops. We wish to state that all information belongs to SBS Transit and as before, we rely on them for bus timings.

Be rest assured that ShowNearby continues to function and together with the community, we are always seeking to improving it and making it an ever-reliable app for all.



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