Monday, May 9, 2011
"URGHHHHH" "ARGHHHHHH", and other groans, moans and expletives have been hurled into the ShowNearby customer feedback email recently. Reading some of them makes one feel violated in many places, but that is the only way for us to understand the legitimate frustration of our dear users.

Comments that would make a tough-talking Samuel L. Jackson movie character blush like a schoolgirl have been directed at our Twitter account too. We have replied them all as we value the feedback and assistance our loyal users have provided us.

We wish to let our dear users know that we have received and listened to your concerns and feedback. And more importantly, we remain humbled by them and remain resolved to tackling this.

The folks at ShowNearby acknowledge there is an issue with the Bus Timings at the Bus Stop points of interest.

We have been working very hard to minimise server downtime and to ensure a smooth aggregation and presentation of information from our different partners. In view of this, there can be extraneous factors which can disrupt this.

Further to this, we wish to clarify that ShowNearby depends on the bus company for bus timings. And that the signal between both parties appears to have been affected recently, independent of whether we have had no downtime or server issues on our part.

We have been in touch with the relevant party and hope there will be a development that is in the interest of all our users.

We seek your kind patience and gracious understanding as we do our best to resolve this.

We use ShowNearby ourselves and share your concerns. =)


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