Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Dear ShowNearby users,

In view of the news today (Straits Times, Home section, first page), you know by now that SBS Transit, the bus company has blocked apps such as ShowNearby from featuring bus timings.

We at ShowNearby have initiated conversation with the bus company. However, they stand by their decision not to allow ShowNearby to feature their bus timings.

We believe that with the provision of bus timings on multiple platforms and various applications, commuters in Singapore are better served as a result of wider reach and convenient access to the information.

We also wish to state that we are open to collaborating with SBS Transit to bring the timings to iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users.

We have almost half a million users using our free-to-download app and see it as a genuine disservice to all of them when access to bus timing information is blocked.

This is an unfortunate setback for us as a provider of information to people in Singapore. We are always working in collaboration with state and public service organisations to aggregate relevant and value-added information to any person in Singapore who downloads the app.

We are most supportive of the free flow of information in the interest and benefit of the public. There are similarly spirited initiatives spearheaded by the government in the Data.Gov.sg  project. There have been movements towards and arguments for open information too, and we wish to share them here and here. According to the latter source, the opening of data will "drive the creation of innovative business and services that deliver social and commercial value".

We will continue to work hard towards an outcome that is favourable to all our users, whether they are on iPhone, Android phones or BlackBerry. We hope to continue to provide value-added services to people in Singapore.

The ShowNearby Family


Buses Meets Standards Meh? said...

do they really meet standards?



Anonymous said...

thanks for trying to help us hapless commuters. it must be tough for you guys to negotiate with these clueless elites who doesn't even travel on their own bus.

Anonymous said...

please complain...opposition is the right way to go...these people don't even take bus! how they know our "ku zhong"...

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