Wednesday, August 31, 2011
ShowNearby - Now Avail on iPhone/iTouch/iPad
Update available on your iOS and Android Device!

Wait no more! The ShowNearby UFO has finally landed on the iOS platform with its brand new update! 

Head over to your favorite App Store or Android Market and download the latest ShowNearby app.

You're in for a treat with all the new kick-ass features!

We've also been receiving feedback regarding some of the existing features that many of you love. (We've continued to hear and respond to your feedback mainly through @ShowNearby /  (refer to the photo on the right) report a problem through the application which you can easily do so by clicking into a place or location and swiping the tab bar at the bottom and click on report)

We would like to highlight that the error which some of you may have encountered upon booking a cab had already been resolved  (refer to the photo on the right). It's due to a maintenance exercise that a provider previously had which temporarily took it down. (Don't worry - it's now back online!)

Everything should be pretty exciting! If you, however, do find something that a spaceship won't normally do - drop us a tweet or report in app!

Heading back to Mars!
Your loving friends from ShowNearby.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011
Hello Folks!

Our ShowNearby team have been working tirelessly for the last few days (Following the update for ShowNearby on Android, which is bigger than ever, if you haven't try it out, we highly recommend you should), with some of them even spending the night in sleeping bags!
Our ShowNearby team goes out to play! (Thanks to all your endless love and support for the all-new ShowNearby app!)
A shot of our team brainstorming session about the new ShowNearby features while savoring afternoon tea! - Luckily the chili and curry sauce did not drip onto our documents :)
  (Our ShowNearby’s extreme techists packing and leaving for our short holiday break!)

And finally, it's time to grasp some fresh air (and make up to our loved ones :))! So we would love to (*taking a deep breath*) thank you for all the love and support that you have gave us during our last mega-update on the Android market, and to our fellow iPhoners out there wondering when is the long-awaited mega-update, we promise it’ll be out in the iTunes App Store REAL SOON! :)

Have loads of fun during the holidays and we would've definitely something cooking in our pots!

Have loads of fun during the holidays and check back soon as we always have quite a few surprises up our sleeves for our awesome users!
To all of our friends, Happy Hari Raya Puasa and Polling Day (Singapore decides the next president).


- Fun-loving folks from ShowNearby!
Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello folks!

We heard you!

We have been constantly monitoring our feedback outlets and of course, we have heard you and your supportive feedback that you have been passing on to us via our Social Media outlets (via @shownearby / sending an email to

So over the past 8 hours since the launch of the application in Android Market, our User Experience and Engineers team worked non-stop through the office. They've slept and ate in the office for the past day and as a bonus for this exclusive blog post, this is how they look like right now (in the Afternoon, after a sleepless night):

In the next update for the Android platform, we have improved the user interface and squashed some bugs, following yesterday's update and we will push it out really soon it is live on the Market.

We would like to Thank You for your supportive comments on the Android Market / Social Media channels and we look forward to hear from you further.

Please do not forget about the iPad 2 giveaway! If you want your iPad 2, please help us LIKE our Facebook page! :)

From the folks at ShowNearby :)

(PS: Have you heard of ShowNearby giving you a chance to win an iPad 2 + free ShowNearby Swag!)