Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello folks!

We heard you!

We have been constantly monitoring our feedback outlets and of course, we have heard you and your supportive feedback that you have been passing on to us via our Social Media outlets (via @shownearby / sending an email to

So over the past 8 hours since the launch of the application in Android Market, our User Experience and Engineers team worked non-stop through the office. They've slept and ate in the office for the past day and as a bonus for this exclusive blog post, this is how they look like right now (in the Afternoon, after a sleepless night):

In the next update for the Android platform, we have improved the user interface and squashed some bugs, following yesterday's update and we will push it out really soon it is live on the Market.

We would like to Thank You for your supportive comments on the Android Market / Social Media channels and we look forward to hear from you further.

Please do not forget about the iPad 2 giveaway! If you want your iPad 2, please help us LIKE our Facebook page! :)

From the folks at ShowNearby :)

(PS: Have you heard of ShowNearby giving you a chance to win an iPad 2 + free ShowNearby Swag!)


Raymond Lam said...

i never knew u had a blog, until i was trying to find the reasons why u did the new update...u should promote it more. the new version is definitely much better than the one yesterday.

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Why is an account required? It's such a hassle...

Johnson Tan said...

Went to Orchid Bowl ytd with the promotions thing in the app, super fun!

All the best!!!

PS: Hope to win iPad ;)

Juliana Lim said...

Ah, saw the tweet about the update, but can't view must tries and promotions unless I sign up!
So bo bian in the end sign up - find the must tries and promo tab quite cool.

Hope to see more features soon - something more social! (I mean interactive between all my friends and me)

PS: Please follow me on twitter!

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