Friday, October 7, 2011
Hi Folks,

We’re excited to share with you that ShowNearby has been nominated for 2 upcoming awards! We couldn’t have made it this far without your support, feedback and encouragement and this special shoutout post is dedicated to all our awesome users out there across iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. =)

We’d appreciate every single vote of confidence you give us and sincerely thank our users once again for being ShowNearby’s pillar of support!
Voting for ShowNearby is quick and easy

1) Asia's Top 50 Apps
Click here to vote for ShowNearby as Asia’s Top 50 Apps via your Facebook or Google+
Note: You have to be logged on to vote

Asia’s Top 50 Apps is Asia’s pioneering award that recognizes innovation in the web and mobile application space. This award aims to increase the awareness for developers involved in building applications that changes the way people go about their daily lives.
Voting: (Click here to vote for ShowNearby via SingTel's Asia Top 50 Apps)
Steps: At the navigation sidebar, simply give us a thumbs up by clicking on the Facebook 'Like' icon (Make sure you are logged into Facebook to do that) or the Google's +1 button (If you are using Google+)

2) Infocomm123 War of the Apps

Click here to vote for ShowNearby now and tell us why it deserves to be the champ!
Note: Sign in to Infocomm123s’ Portal and tell us why you love ShowNearby.

So many apps, so little space! Infocomm123 presents the top 40 apps of all time and it's up to you to decide which app will emerge as the people’s #1 favorite! 

Voting: (Click here to vote for ShowNearby via Infocomm123)
Steps: Simply hit the "Vote" button, click on ShowNearby and sign in to Infocomm123's Portal (It's a verification process to win an iPad 2), and type a short sentence about why you love us! That's pretty much it + we will feel your bubbly love!

Currently, ShowNearby is the leading favorite app of all-time as the contest continues to heat up with Facebook and WhatsApp lurking and catching up!

Pssttt.. Check out our brand new ShowNearby's Community page unleashed specially for our users to connect with us anytime, anywhere!

Till next time, folks!
-Your passionate friends from ShowNearby.
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Hey Folks,

Lately if you've been hearing speculations about a UFO landing on XinMSN, it's true and was officially sighted on 26th September 2011. ShowNearby was proudly featured on XinMSN front page ticker as well as under the "Mobile and Gadgets" category.

A brief introduction about XinMSN, it's a highly localized news and entertainment portal by Microsoft in collaboration with Singapore's media giant, MediaCorp.

ShowNearby's Review on XinMSN's Portal

We would also like to thank Carlo R. Coloma for his great review on XinMSN's portal, sharing with the community a thorough and comprehensive insights to ShowNearby as your daily app guide!

ShowNearby remains committed as a community-driven application and we would love to hear any feedback,comments or tweets via @ShowNearby or our Facebook page! If you haven't already, check out the review and see what makes our app so unique!

- The ShowNearby Folks!