Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Hey Folks,

Lately if you've been hearing speculations about a UFO landing on XinMSN, it's true and was officially sighted on 26th September 2011. ShowNearby was proudly featured on XinMSN front page ticker as well as under the "Mobile and Gadgets" category.

A brief introduction about XinMSN, it's a highly localized news and entertainment portal by Microsoft in collaboration with Singapore's media giant, MediaCorp.

ShowNearby's Review on XinMSN's Portal

We would also like to thank Carlo R. Coloma for his great review on XinMSN's portal, sharing with the community a thorough and comprehensive insights to ShowNearby as your daily app guide!

ShowNearby remains committed as a community-driven application and we would love to hear any feedback,comments or tweets via @ShowNearby or our Facebook page! If you haven't already, check out the review and see what makes our app so unique!

- The ShowNearby Folks!

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